Hero of Olympus: The Lost Hero

The book is really nice!! It is an adventure young adult book.It might be confusing at the beginning but after reading a few chapters,you'll realize the confusion part doesn't matter as the fighting,action and mystery scenes will make you forget all about the confusion and encourages you to continue reading.This book is very addictive.It literally took me only 2 days to complete the entire book.And trust me when I say it ended at a cliffhanger. You would immediately run to the bookstore and grab the second book to read.

Full summery:Annabeth is disappointed that Percy isn't there, but takes Leo, Jason, and Piper back to Camp Half-Blood, where they all find out they are demigods. Leo is a son of Hephaestus , Piper is a daughter of Aphrodite, and Jason is a son of Zeus or Jupiter, though he's been chosen as the champion of Zeus's wife Hera.